You run from room to room searching for the diamond necklace that is already on your neck - Rumi


is a 5-week transformational self-study course for women who want to fall in love with themselves, build unshakeable confidence, and become the fullest expression of themselves.

This is for the woman:

...who is ready to draw the line in the sand that she will no longer put others’ needs before her own and is committed to reclaiming her life. ready to release her deepest fears and self-doubts, start loving herself fully, and learn how to listen to the truth that already lives inside her own heart.

...wants to stop chasing love outside herself, stop rejecting her needs and desires, and stop feeling like she isn’t good enough for the life and relationship she desires deep down.

After 9 years and thousands of hours listening to the hearts of women, listening to their stories I know that so many just want to be loved but don’t know how to love themselves.

I have been longing for more and more women to come home to who they are and to know that this is the secret to having the life they really want. A life that is true to who they are and not a life that is determined by.

When you come home to who you are,
the self-abandonment stops, the self-betrayal and second guessing.

You stop anxiously waiting for someone to text you back and you stop blaming your partner for not knowing how to read your mind.

When you are at home with who you are, you are magnetic to all that is right for you.

When you come home to who you are, everything that is true aligns with you and the rest falls away. The one who is meant for you has the courage to stay with you because you stay with yourself no matter what.

The path to self-love can feel overwhelming and insurmountable at times, but with Homecoming you are guided one step at a time.

It provides you with a simple and safe roadmap that will be doable
and that’s what Homecoming is about.

When you come home to who you are the self-abandonment stops, the self-betrayal and second guessing. 

You stop anxiously waiting for someone to text you back and you stop blaming your partner for not knowing how to read your mind.  

When you are at home with who you are, you are magnetic to all that is right for you. 

When you come home to who you are, you trust who you are is enough. You trust your feelings, your needs and your ability to set boundaries.

When you come home to who you are everything that is true aligns with you and the rest falls away and the one who is meant for you has the courage to stay with you because you stay with yourself no matter what. 

If all of this resonates with you, I invite you to join this 5 week container of commitment, devotion and remembrance.

Because when you remember all that you are and courageously choose to fully love and accept yourself, you are opening the doors to receiving the love you desire in partnership.

When you come into my world and my work, this program is where you start.

It’s about coming home to yourself and anchoring into the place that will always be your safe place to return: YOU.

When you build safety inside yourself, nothing outside of you can make you feel powerless ever again.

Are you ready to commit?

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the content that you will be guided through:


Belonging to You

  • How to use your nervous system as the key to building a sense of inner calm
  • Release patterns of people-pleasing and stop seeking external validation
  • Create a sense of belonging and safety in your body that you can return to anytime


Remembering Your Worth

  • Recognize and unpack the patterns that keep you thinking you’re never enough
  • How to actually start feeling worthy and lovable - even if you don’t believe it now!
  • Build that unshakable sense of self-worth you didn’t know was possible
  • Make space for your deepest desires to come through + fully own them without shame


Honoring and Valuing You

  • Start trusting yourself and how to step into radical self-care, nurturance and compassion
  • Say YES to your needs without shame, how to say NO to what you don’t want without feeling guilty
  • How to set energetic, physical and mental boundaries with people to protect your energy
  • Building the self-respect you must have, which will transform how other people show up and respect YOU!


You are Already Whole

  • Take steps to return to your full radiance and magnetic feminine energy
  • Master your emotions by allowing them to arise and guiding you to your desires
  • Learn to quiet your inner critic that keeps you in cycles of self-rejection
  • Expand in your self-love and self-acceptance so you won’t ever settle for less than


Celebration and Integration

  • Celebrate your personal transformation and reflect on all that you learned
  • Avoiding patterns of falling back into self-sabotage as life gets better and better (I promise!)
  • Continuing your embodiment practices in your daily life beyond the program
  • Envisioning and getting excited about what's ahead for you!
This course is a self-directed course. 

You will have instant access to all modules; however, I recommend doing them one by one over the course of 5 weeks.

What’s included in the program:

  • 4 x 90-minute-long teaching sessions and a final integration class
  • 4 workbooks with embodiment practices, journaling prompts and content that will guide you through each step of the program
  • Lifetime access to all of the content

You don’t have to know how this is all going to work for you...
you just have to know that you want to come home.

This is not for the woman who is unwilling to change.

This is for the woman who is willing to try new things, deepen her relationship with self, even if it feels awkward at times.

The rewards are so worth it -
I promise.

Your Investment:

$297 USD
2 payments of $159 USD

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One of the biggest things I took away is that I don’t feel lonely when I’m alone anymore. I feel like now I am able to appropriately and mindfully spend my time and I am not looking for an escape or to fill my cup of love with other avenues because I am able to keep my own cup full!

I think some of the biggest issues I was struggling with were lack of self worth and self love. I think without those you are lost and don’t even know it. Before the program, I felt like a flickering lightbulb with moments of brightness where my true self would shine but the program helped me to believe in myself again and embody everything I have to offer. Homecoming helped me to come to the realization that I will never let anyone dim my light again and I am able to shine bright all by myself!

- Sandy R.

This program was life-changing. I needed the support from Catherine to gain clarity around my needs, desires, boundaries in relationships to give me strength and courage to follow through with vulnerable conversations. It allowed me to speak my truth, letting go of fear of abandonment, and accepting whatever the outcome. This program allowed me to choose myself, instead of putting my partner's needs above mine. I am celebrating that I was able to speak my truth, be vulnerable, no matter how hard and uncomfortable it is to myself and those around me. I'm celebrating that I'm working on accepting all of myself, and taking the pressure off of myself with trying to be perfect.

- Lauren

This was an incredibly healing, helpful, and supportive experience. Before Homecoming I was struggling with feeling confident and secure in myself in the context of romantic relationships. I needed to heal from past unhealthy relationship patterns and learn to be vulnerable, seen and my whole self - not just the easy pleasing and happy versions that I think people want to see. I now have better morning routines (no phone!), increased awareness around boundaries and *trying* not to take things personally as well as a feeling of inherent worthiness and increased compassion instead of judgement.

- Chelsea S.

Even if you think you have terrific self-esteem and strong boundaries, you’ll be surprised to learn all the ways you’re abandoning yourself and how that impacts your relationships. The program gave me knowledge and tools to help change my reality. Such as attuning to myself vs. seeking external validation and specific affirmations to shift beliefs.

- Ann W.

Homecoming is for the women who want to come home to themselves and see where they may be giving their power away. I was struggling with depression, had lost myself in my relationship and wanted to come back to myself. Now, I’m doing daily practices daily to come home to myself and I've realized how important it is for self-love to be an ongoing practice.

- Joie C.

This is the model that is changing my entire perspective on life. I have more trust that I can stay centered and grounded in myself in group settings as well as self-worth, belonging, boundaries, and better relationships.

- Liz B.

Before Homecoming I was struggling with feeling like I was never good enough. I joined because I liked the idea that there were things I could change within myself that would allow me to feel happy and fulfilled either with or without a man in my life! I realized that I was not alone with some of the issues I struggle with. Now, my self care is much better and I periodically look back at the course material to remind myself of my worth as I am now.

- Winnie H.

If you are looking to deepen the connection you have with yourself, this is such a great program to welcome more self awareness and truth about who you really are. After abandoning myself in relationships in the past, knowing that I am already enough is more ingrained in my beliefs now. It's easier to come back to this truth now. I speak up for myself much more. I feel more confident and safe to be me <3

- Fannie L.

About Catherine

Hiii, I’m Catherine Danieli, Love and Relationship Coach who’s helped thousands of women heal fear-based relationship patterns so that they can experience radical self-love and healthy, extraordinary romantic relationships.

I believe healthy relationships WILL heal the world. It’s my mission to show you how to heal and learn the skills to create conscious relationships because most of us weren’t taught how to love and relate to one another. As a former love addict and codependent, I’ve devoted my life to teaching women how to love themselves and transform into women who heal their past wounds, find a home in themselves and become sovereign in a world that doesn’t make it easy for them to do so. Only from this space are you able to attract and maintain happy, healthy love.

I work with couples and women 1:1, lead workshops, women’s circles, and group coaching programs. I’m trained in Level 1 of Relational Life Therapy (Terry Real), Healing Our Core Issues Developmental Trauma Program as well as the REBLOOM method. You can tune into weekly episodes of my podcast The New Truth: A Modern Woman’s Guide to Extraordinary Love where I share relationship advice with my friend and fellow coach, Kate Harlow. So you can break free from the old paradigm of love and open your heart to true authentic love - both with yourself and the partner of your dreams.


What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is a 5-week live self-study course for women who want to come home to themselves. Women who want to learn how to fall in love with themselves and their life and learn how to stop chasing love or giving up who they are for fear of being disliked. All content is hosted in your personal login area on my website and you will have lifetime access.

What happens after I sign up?

After you register you will receive a confirmation email which provides you with all login details, access to your teaching modules, and downloadable workbooks. You will receive lifetime access to all the content of Homecoming so you have it forever and can revisit it as needed!

Do I need to complete this course in 5 weeks?

No, you don’t! This is a self-paced course, so you take yourself through the modules and complete the workbook in your own time. I recommend taking at least 5 weeks time to spread out the work, complete the different exercises per week and integrate the practices into your daily life. You have lifetime access, so there is no time pressure to complete and you can always revisit content as you need it. To get the most out of the program and practice accountability with yourself, I do recommend you stick to the timeline suggested in the program.

What if I don’t have Facebook?

Don’t worry! You don’t need Facebook to access this program. All content is hosted on my website and you’ll be emailed all your details once your payment has come through.

Do I get support from Catherine directly?

This is a self-paced course that you will lead yourself through! You will be in my energy when you are watching the modules and immersing yourself in all my teachings. If you need 1:1 support, please email me at or fill out an application here. I will occasionally pop into the Facebook alumni group to answer questions but this is not officially part of the program.

Is the program for single women or partnered women?

The program is for all women, both single and partnered. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in partnership or not, because your #1 relationship will always be the one you have with yourself. If you are single, this is the perfect place to start as it is the foundational work you need to do before you can focus on attracting a partner. If you are partnered already, then this program will help you strengthen your skills for intimacy and healthy partnership, and help you speak up about your needs, improve your communication skills and take your relationship to the next level. Most women in my programs have done some inner work already and take responsibility for their own growth.

Do you offer payment plans?

YES! Paid in full is $297 or 2 payments of $159. You'll pay $159 today and will pay $159 again four weeks from the day you register..

Do you offer refunds?

No we do not! This work is sacred and I believe in it with all my heart.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Email us at

Your Investment:

$249 USD


2 payments of $159 USD